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Episode 8: Bonus Episode, The Vietnam War, the American Empire and the Cold War

Hello, and welcome to the American history podcast episode 8: Bonus Episode, The Vietnam War. First, let me apologize for having been gone for about two months. If you are a regular listener at this time (it is 2017) you know I’ve not released an episode since early October. There are two major reasons for my absence. First, I changed schools and, indeed, moved to a school in an entirely different school district. This change was a long time in coming. I’d been unhappy with the leadership at my previous school for at least a year. While a year isn’t all that long, the amount of change was just too much, and I felt it was time to get out. Lucky for me, I have friends in other districts all over the city and a couple of them really helped me out.
The second reason I’ve been gone for two months is that my oldest dog, Chuck, passed away in early November after a 10-day illness. He was 13.5 and the light of our lives. I had planned on recording an episode on October 31st and releasing it the next day, but that was when Chuck was ill so I was unable to do so. He then passed away on November 7 and I was a mess, so recording was out of the question. So hopefully we can now get back on track. On with the show!

About the author, Shawn

I'm a historian, teacher, and university lecturer with a focus on militarization and empire in American history.

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