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Major Announcement!!!

Okay, sorry for the headline, but I really wanted you to read this post. So what is the “major announcement”? Our Patreon is now live. You can support the show for as little as $1.00/month. However, $3.00/month will get you access to our new series (available ONLY to Patreons) “The Cold War: 1983, the Year the World Almost Ended.” Follow this link to subscribe.

This series will be an in-depth look at the Cold War during the 1970s and 1980s, but the center of the story is 1983, the most dangerous year in the Cold War since the Cuban Missile crisis. This series is not to be missed! So far the intro is already written and episode 1 is almost completed. I will be recording the introduction and releasing it for free to entice you listeners to join the Patreon. I would hate for only a few people to get to hear this. It really is going to be an amazing series.

Finally, I have a new recording setup. Thanks to my editor, a former student named Chris Carzoli, I’m now simply using a clip on microphone and my iPhone X. Believe it or not, the results are astonishing. You’ll get your first taste of this in episode 2.25.

Until next time, have a great day.

About the author, Shawn

I'm a historian, teacher, and university lecturer with a focus on militarization and empire in American history.

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