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Season 3: The Populists, the Progressives and the Great Depression

Season Two: The US-Mexico War

Season One: Colonial America

Colonial Society

Sources Used in Episodes 10-14: The New England Colonies

Sources Used in Episode 8: Bonus Episode Vietnam War

Sources Used in Episodes 5-7 and 9: The South

Sources Used in Episodes 4

Some of the sources used to create Episode 4, as well as sources for those interested in Native Americans.

Sources Used in Bonus Episode 1: Is Secession Constitutional?

Just a few of the sources used in creating bonus episode 1.

Sources Used in Episodes 1 and 2

These are some of the sources used to create the first two episodes. While not exhaustive, they are a good start and should be accessible to the non-specialist.

General Sources on American History

These sources give a good overview of American history.