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Bonus Episode: Nullification and the U.S. Constitution

This bonus episodes discusses the nature of the American Union. I present the compact theory of the union and discuss why nullification is not only needed, but it was never used to protect slavery. If you want more information on this topic there are a couple of great books I’d recommend, both of which are…

2.14 Texas part 2

In this episode we continue to explore the history of Texas in the 1820s. We look at the Comanches, the Apaches and their raids on Mexico as well as the various groups who were living in Texas, including the development of the Texas mindset.

2.13 First Anniversary Special

Celebrating the first anniversary of the show! Chris Fernandez-Peckham of the Age of Victoria podcast joins me to discuss the War for American Independence. It’s a bit of a long one, but that is appropriate considering we have made it to our first birthday, and many, if not most, podcasts don’t make it past 3-4…