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2.12 Texas part I

Today we begin a multi part exploration of Texas and it’s complicated history leading up to, and including Texas Independence. Some maps which will help the listener understand the geographical layout of Texas.

Episode 13: Puritan relations with the American Indians

In this episode we quickly cover the relationship between the Puritans and native peoples. We discuss land exchange as well as the Pequot War and King Phillip’s War. NOTE: This episode was re-recorded in mid March to fix sound issues.

Episode 2: European Empires in the New World pt. 1

During the late 15th century to about the 18th century Europe would be engaged in extensive overseas exploration and would also emerge as the “center” of the world, at least in regard to its power, militarily and economically. This is the start of the age of European colonialism, sometimes referred to as the first age…